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December 6, 2019

Why Quick Deals Are Good For Your Bottom Line

Why Quick Deals Are Good For Your Bottom Line

Finding a new office space can drag on and on.

What was supposed to be an eight-month process often turns into a year or more because of delays in tours, negotiations with landlords, haggling over lease language, design and construction slowdowns, and the actual move itself.

All those delays mean higher costs, and higher stress for your workforce.

It shouldn’t be that way.

Speed is one of our hallmarks, and it’s good for your bottom line.

Our compressed and nimble process helps us complete diagnostics, employee culture surveys and workplace strategy plans within just a few weeks.

As soon as we narrow in on a shortlist of potential spaces, we engage trusted architects and general contractors to start scoping out plans and budgets — long before a lease is actually signed.

This gives us a detailed budget and more negotiating leverage to get the landlord to agree to tenant improvement allowances that usually cover most of the costs for build-out, and it allows us ample time to value engineer the new space and trim costs without sacrificing important design elements. We also work with our design partners on digital renderings and test fits to make sure any spaces we’re considering will meet the client’s specific needs.

Our in-house project management services make sure that construction schedules and budgets stay on track, while our IT services ensure top-of-the-line security access, A/V and other critical electrical and data systems are designed and installed within budget.

We even help clients coordinate and manage the move to the new space to make sure everything happens without a hitch.

Taken together, our approach usually helps clients move into new office space a couple months faster than most other brokerage firms can deliver. Saving time means saving money, and that reaffirms something we all know to be true: quick deals are good for the bottom line.

Let’s talk about how we can expedite your real estate decisions. You can reach us here.


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