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March 22, 2019

Why Culture is Our North Star, and Why It Matters

Why Culture is Our North Star, and Why It Matters

We talk a lot about Culture, Data and Speed.

In fact, we founded Transcend on the idea that those three are a powerful combination as we help companies create workplaces that their employees love.

Yet so many people still think culture means free beer and leaving early on Fridays. (Those are perks, not culture.)

Culture means having good ongoing engagement with employees, creating a positive environment, encouraging people to take calculated risks, praising achievements and supporting people when things don’t work out as planned.

It means giving and getting candid feedback, and having trusting relationships with bosses, peers and employees who report to you.

Strong culture means everyone has clarity around the company’s vision and purpose, and knows how their contributions are going to help achieve those goals. It’s doing your best work every single day, having empathy, being a good listener and learning how to have difficult conversations in a respectful way.

Another sign of good culture is a workplace with agile ecosystem that supports everyone’s work styles and changing needs for specific tasks.

Many teams need open space to collaborate, kick around ideas and brainstorm during projects. Sometimes people need small nooks or conference rooms for one-on-one conversations or sensitive phone calls. Almost everyone needs quiet private space for focused heads-down work at some point during the week, and some people do their best creative work at home or a coffee shop.

Giving employees the flexibility to do their best work where, when and how they feel most productive and “in the zone” creates a stronger culture that ultimately reduces turnover and leads to happier employees.

Our new tagline captures this: Love where you work.

Do you?

Let’s make it happen. You can reach us at hello@transcendcre.com.

Does your space reflect & inspire your company’s culture?

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