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June 7, 2018

Why Atlanta’s VC & PE Funds are Turning to Transcend

Why Atlanta’s VC & PE Funds are Turning to Transcend

A fast-growing startup with a disruptive business idea attracts second or third round venture funding, and once the Champagne celebration is over, the leadership team faces a daunting question: now what?

Leadership must retain the talent that helped the company create value, while also attracting the best and brightest talent to position the company for future growth.

This is critical for achieving the targets these new investors expect, and pushing the valuation even higher for the next round.

How will they get there?

The answer is pretty simple: culture.

In the early days, a big vision, free pizza and beer on Fridays might have sufficed as a reward for the hard work and long hours. But that’s not culture.

As young businesses mature, they must create the right energy that will generate positive buzz, flood them with job applications from the most talented professionals and position the company for growth.

Culture should be intentional and thoughtful. It should be nurtured and curated.

We often have companies seek us out for a free culture consultation and workplace diagnostic, which are tools that can help Atlanta’s venture capital funds and private equity firms position their portfolio companies for growth.

The findings of our culture surveys always yield surprises.

Some employees say they aren’t as productive or engaged because they’re too far away from colleagues they work with daily. Some companies figure out they are no longer in the right part of town, while others realize that their work environment is simply not inspiring.

Let’s talk about how Transcend can help your business strengthen its culture. Drop us a line here.

Does your space reflect & inspire your company’s culture?

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