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August 26, 2019

Transcend CEO Patrick Braswell: Everyone Should Have a “No Jerks” Policy

Transcend CEO Patrick Braswell: Everyone Should Have a “No Jerks” Policy

So as I’ve got a milestone birthday coming up, I’ve been doing a little bit of self reflecting on the career and just everything else.


And I had a funny story pop up in my head when I first got in the business at Colliers International and I took the Senior Broker on a pitch with me.

And the pitch did not go well. And we were walking out and the senior broker looked at me and he goes you know, I’ve earned the right not to work with jerks like that.

And I just kind of laughed and was like, man I can’t wait till I get to the point in my career where I’ve earned the right to not work with a jerk who you know, could potentially make me one hundred thousand dollars.


But as I’m you know, reflecting and looking at Transcend and myself —  it’s not about earning the right to work with who you want to work with.


It’s more about, who are you attracting? You know, who does your brand attract? Not only as employees, but also as customers.


Are you attracting the people that you want to work with by the jobs that you’re doing for your clients and the branding and marketing that you’re doing out there?


It’s just something that hit me that I’ve been thinking about and just wanted to throw it out there to you. So would love to hear your thoughts and you know, I’ll continue to do some reflecting on the milestone birthday that is coming up.

Editor’s note: Patrick recently turned 40! Happy Birthday, Patrick!!

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