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February 18, 2020

Tractionville: Your Office Space Could be Killing Your Productivity

Tractionville: Your Office Space Could be Killing Your Productivity

Transcend Founder & CEO Patrick Braswell talks with the hosts of the Tractionville podcast about the importance of culture and functional workspace that supports each job function within the organization.

Poorly designed office space might actually be limiting your team’s productivity, Braswell says. He also talks about human connections in the workplace, and why a company’s core values should be reflected in its space.

Drawing on his previous role as the founder and CEO of a technology startup, Braswell says he had an “ah-ha moment” about how culture shapes companies.

“I really started to see and notice what crappy space can do to the culture. If it’s not aligned with the culture and the job functions within that company, it can really take away from both. Morale is down, productivity is down,” Braswell said.

Likewise, if a company’s core values include having open and honest conversations in the workplace with kindness and respect for each other even when the dialogue is tough, the real estate must facilitate that.

“If you’re in an all-open environment and you have 100 employees and you have just six huddle rooms and one conference room — where are you going to have that open and honest conversation with somebody? You don’t have enough private areas,” Braswell said. “That’s part of the thinking and connecting the values of the company to the physical space they’re in.”

Tractionville is a podcast for companies running on EOS, the Entrepreneurial Operating System that uses simple concepts and practical tools to bring clarity on vision, mission, core values and how to gain traction in the marketplace. Tractionville is hosted by serial entrepreneur and brand strategist Benj Miller, and Certified EOS Implementer and coach Chris White.

Does your space reflect & inspire your company’s culture?

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