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May 3, 2019

To Minimize Stress, Keep a Tidy Workspace

To Minimize Stress, Keep a Tidy Workspace

Look around any office and you’ll notice that there are three kinds of people:

  • Those with almost nothing on their desks.
  • Those with a heap of disorganized stacks of papers, forgotten coffee cups, piles of notepads and pens, half-eaten snacks, and other debris.
  • Those who fall somewhere in between.

Clutter and disarray in the workplace creates a more stressful environment as employees struggle to find papers or files, lose focus, have their creative thinking interrupted, and feel guilty about the mess, according to Psychology Today.

It also hurts productivity and engagement, and tarnishes a company’s image and reputation when visitors come through.

In a recent survey by furniture maker OKA, 38% of respondents confessed that more than half of their desk is covered in clutter and participants said they spent as much as 4 hours per week trying to find things amid their own clutter.

Sloppiness can also hurt your career prospects. Almost 30% of employers said they were less likely to promote an employee with a disorganized work space, the OKA survey showed.

Messy workplaces give an overall impression of sloppiness and lack of pride, and visitors may think that employees are also careless about the quality of their work.

Executives should establish a tidy workplace culture to minimize stress, increase productivity and build pride in the physical environment.

Gently remind employees to take responsibility for their own desks by throwing away trash and empty cups or food containers, storing seldom-used files into drawers (or better yet, scan them to the cloud and go paperless) and spending a few minutes at the end of each week tidying and organizing things before heading out for the weekend.

Spend a few bucks to buy more filing cabinets, office supplies organizers, cork boards, white boards and other supplies that will help employees meet your expectations for a tidy office.

Set an example by keeping your own workspace tidy and tucking away anything that you haven’t touched or used in more than a few days. Keep only essential papers and files that you are working on that day on top of your desk.

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