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April 10, 2019

Time Costs Money, So Speed is King

Time Costs Money, So Speed is King

The old saying in real estate is true on many levels: time kills deals.

Historically, that was gallows humor among brokers who wanted to rush their clients into signing leases before someone vetoed a deal.

To us, it means something else entirely. Time kills productivity and hurts business operations.

When a company decides to relocate to new office space, that often means months and months of haggling with the landlord over lease terms followed by dozens of planning meetings, arguing with contractors over pricing, and massive distractions that disrupt the business.

That’s why we are relentlessly focused on speed.

We are agile and nimble from day one as we get proposal information quickly, leverage technology to analyze terms more efficiently, and respond much faster than many of our peers.

We often reach agreement on lease terms in a fraction of the time, and because of our proprietary data-driven approach, we know when we are getting a more attractive deal that meets our clients’ goals as well as the landlord’s specific goals.

Our project management capabilities also save enormous amounts of time. Once we gather all the information we need, scope and price the work with partners, create schedules and budgets and begin construction, the process is lightning fast.

Data and telecom speed is another important factor. Our sister company, Transcend IT, helps clients design an optimum system and security access controls that will support their business operations and help them reach their own customers faster.

While it might take our peers six to eight months or more to do these things — with numerous handoffs and information leakage that slows everything down even more — we can do it in almost half the time.

Others can settle for the old adage that time kills deals.

We’re using speed as a competitive advantage.

Find out how impactful it can be by reaching out to us here.

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