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June 16, 2021

The Great Resignation Has Finally Arrived

We’ve all been hearing about the quote great resignation, that should be coming and well, it looks like it came. LinkedIn put out this week that 2.7% of employees voluntarily left their jobs in April, which is the highest rate in the last 20 years. So the question begs – is it because they were just pent-up demand and we’re going to leave anyway? Or could it be the fact that we’ve all been working from home for so long, and we’ve lost connection and we’ve lost culture within the companies that we work for? I’m going to go with option two and say that a large part for the turnovers, is the fact that we are not physically together. We’re not making those human connections. Culture within companies is eroding because we’re not around each other physically and because of that, people are willing to leave for 5, 10, 15 grand more even though it’s a lateral move, and they may not even feel like the company mission is that great. But it’s easier to leave when we don’t have that connection to our colleagues, to our bosses and also to the mission because we’re seeing everyone on a screen, and we’re not physically getting together, creating those ideas, creating those connections and driving a company forward.

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