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November 5, 2019

SugarCRM GM Logan Henderson: Talk to Your Customers on the Platforms They Prefer

SugarCRM GM Logan Henderson: Talk to Your Customers on the Platforms They Prefer

Watch the video here.


Patrick: I’m here with Logan Henderson, former CEO of Salesfusion now General Manager of SugarCRM. 


Logan: Yep. 


Patrick: So Logan, thank you for being here. 


Logan: Yeah, of course. Thank you for having me. 


Patrick: Funny quick story when Erica in my office saw that Logan was on my calendar. She was like ‘Oh my gosh, his wife is famous!’ And I was like, ‘What?’ And anyway, she’s Instagram famous or like what does that actually mean? 


Logan: She’d hate me for saying it, but I’ll call her like a B-list Atlanta celebrity. 


Patrick: Nice, nice! 


Logan: But no, she actually has a food Instagram. 


Patrick: Ok. 


Logan: Started out a couple of years ago she was a public accountant and wanted to do something different. And we’ve always had a big passion for food and restaurants and going out. So she just kind of started documenting it. Next thing you know, first thousand followers come and then now she’s up to like fourteen or fifteen thousand people so it’s a pretty interesting side gig for her. 


Patrick: Is it the photos of you that are getting it? 


Logan: I think so. I think it’s me. It’s partially the food, partially the environment but mostly me. 


Patrick: So speaking of like Instagram and social media, I mean what place do you feel like it has in business? 


Logan: Yeah. I think it’s- I mean we all know how important it is. 


Patrick: Yep. 


Logan: If you think about how people are communicating, where they’re soliciting feedback- positive and negative, it’s happening on social media platforms. 


Patrick: Ok. 


Logan: So as a business, you have to be out there communicating with your consumers, with your customers on the platforms that they want to communicate on. 


Patrick: True, true. 


Logan: And we’ve seen how viral social media posts can go. 


Patrick: Good and bad. 


Logan: Yeah, exactly. Good and bad. So getting out ahead of those before they come to be a big problem for you is really important. 


Patrick: Ok. 


Logan: So it’s definitely huge from kind of the engaging with your customers standpoint. I think the other thing that’s really important about it is frankly advertising. You know, being in the marketing technology space, we pay a lot of attention to Google advertising, to search advertising. Social media advertising is very important in you know whether it’s Facebook or LinkedIn or Twitter. They’ve made it incredibly easy to go and publish campaigns, track ROI, make sure you’re getting feedback in your marketing automation, your CRM, being able to report on what’s working and what’s not. So they’ve really accelerated the capabilities of social media advertising. 


Patrick: So I’m on LinkedIn a lot. 


Logan: Yeah. 


Patrick: And obviously this video will be on LinkedIn. What has LinkedIn done? Because I don’t do any of that. I literally just post stuff on LinkedIn and see that people have commented or you know liked it. And I follow up with some of those people. 


Logan: Yeah. 


Patrick: But like what can you do as far as advertising? 


Logan: Yeah. So I mean, they’ve got everything from publishing and listening capabilities which is just an easy mechanism to go and define your target audience, put together a campaign and publish it to a subset of people. 


Patrick: Interesting. 


Logan: And they’re also doing some really interesting things with form capture and lead generation services now. So again, you can kind of define who you should be going after and then they use their algorithms to pipe back who those people are. 


Patrick: Right. 


Logan: You’re giving up a lot of information which is very valuable intel to all these businesses. 


Patrick: True. 


Logan: So you know, part of it is how much do you want to have out there in the open about you. I’m a big advocate for it. You know, if you’re going to send me advertisements, if you’re going to send me any type of campaign, I want it to be relevant. 


Patrick: I agree. 


Logan: So you know, there’s a lot going on in this space. But then I think you know one of the other big components it’s really important to talk about when you talk about this going out there- 


Patrick: Yeah. 


Logan: And your employees being advocates for your business. 


Patrick: Yeah, that’s true. 


Logan: You know, if you have a network of people whether it’s 100 or 500 or 1,000 and you’re able to put out content that’s relevant to them from a trusted source, it’s really impactful. And you think about you know, you put together all this content, you put it on a blog, you try to drive traffic there- 


Patrick: Yeah. 


Logan: It’s a very cumbersome process and you can basically skip all those steps, use your employees as advocates, build referral marketing all through you know, your social media management capabilities. 


Patrick: That’s awesome. 


Logan: Yeah. 


Patrick: It’s funny, my wife just started working at Transcend part-time and she’s helping us out with our deals- 


Logan: Yeah. 


Patrick: And so we use G-mail. 


Logan: Yeah. 


Patrick: And so like she’ll be emailing me something like about a spa or whatever and all of a sudden Spa Sydell pops up. She’s like ‘What is this?’ 


Logan: Always listening. I had the same thing about Samsung TV. It was like send it to me again. Discount code. And I literally, I asked my wife, I was like were we talking about new TVs the other day? She was like yeah you did bring it up like three days ago. And I was like well not only is Instagram listening, Amazon is also listening. 


Patrick: Alexa heard you. 


Logan: Yeah, I get it from every direction now. 


Patrick: So with SugarCRM purchasing Salesfusion what was the goal behind that? Why did they you know, I guess it’s an add on- 


Logan: Yeah. 


Patrick: For what they’re doing. What was the goal behind it? 


Logan: Yeah, so Sugar has long been an industry leader in CRM and salesforce automation. 


Patrick: Ok. 


Logan: So we’ve had an integration platform to platform since 2012 so know the business, know the space really well, but they didn’t have strong marketing technology capabilities. 


Patrick: Gotcha. 


Logan: So through the acquisition of Salesfusion, you’ve now got your sales functionality, your marketing functionality and then we recently released our services component so you kind of have the full platform for customer experience and moving outside of CRM into more of a customer life cycle, customer management through you know presales, post-sales and really the entire journey that a prospect or a customer is going to go through with your business. 


Patrick: Cool. 


Logan: Yeah. 


Patrick: So then talking about CRM and obviously Sugar is one of the bigger ones out there- 


Logan: Yeah. 


Patrick: When it comes to business and you talk to you know, clients and prospects- what’s one of the biggest mistakes they do make with CRM? 


Logan: Yeah. There’s a lot. I’d say the number one though if you think about the inherent flaw with CRM as kind of like an easy system to pick on- is most people set it up for managers not for end users. 


Patrick: Interesting. Ok. 


Logan: So if you think about- our CTO says it really well in talking about Google. He’s like think about how much information you put into Google. 


Patrick: Yeah. 


Logan: Think about how much information you’ve received from Google. Like the difference is starkly amazing how much it’s like I do nothing to give it all this information and I get all the value the world has to offer back with simple search functionality. 


Patrick: Yep. 


Logan: So if you think about that it’s really almost end user enabling so what we really focus on with our customers is don’t set this up as a management platform. It’s a great management tool, but really think about your end users and think about the steps that they have to go through. Because the more information you have them put in, the more tasks they have to register- 


Patrick: Right. 


Logan: All that it does is lead to unhappy sales people, unhappy users, failed adoption, poor data quality. Your systems kind of starts to implode and unravel before it ever even got off the ground. 


Patrick: Yeah. 


Logan: So really think about the use case, what you’re trying to solve for and most importantly how do you make your employees, how do you make your users as effective as possible at doing their job. 


Patrick: At the end of the day, it should be a tool for your salespeople to enable them to contact more people, get in front of more people. Not necessarily as a sales manager. What have you been doing? 


Logan: Yeah. It’s- 


Patrick: Right? 


Logan: I mean I’d say that’s very accurate. 


Patrick: Ok. 


Logan: You still need to have those capabilities. You still need to understand pipeline management. 


Patrick: Right. 


Logan: You need to understand activities. But as much as you can automate that you know, hence salesforce automation, marketing automation. As much as you can set up and configure all of those tasks whether it’s sending an email and it’s automatically being registered in CRM. Or calls being logged or appointments being set. All those things you want to have a system of record for, but the more that you can have kind of no touch involved and the more that you can automate the information management components, the better the adoption is going to be. And then you start to see the use cases pick up. You get better intel. You get better understanding of your you know, ideal customer, ideal sales process and really help you kind of optimize the entire journey. 


Patrick: Gotcha. So do you guys get free dinner all the time? 


Logan: No, we wish. I wish- 


Patrick: What? 


Logan: Yeah. No, we- I used to early days. Every time I’d come back and I’d have whatever Sifted was producing that day. 


Patrick: Oh nice! Yes. 


Logan: And it was great, but that one fell off a little bit. I think my wife got really tired of eating it for lunch and then having to eat it for dinner. So yeah, that one stopped unfortunately. 


Patrick: Well Logan, thank you for coming in man. 


Logan: Yeah, of course. 


Patrick: And hopefully this has been helpful to you guys. 


Logan: Yeah, appreciate it.  

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