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New Story Partnership

You get office space, someone gets a home!


We’re excited to share that we’ve partnered with New Story Campaign!

Who is New Story?
New Story funds life-saving homes, transforming slums into sustainable communities. The first new story created was in Leveque, Haiti – depleting a whole tent slum, providing 151 homes and creating a new community. New Story is now on a mission to transform a slum village in El Salvador.

Their Mission
We are on a mission to build two life-changing homes for families living in extreme poverty in El Salvador. We plan to donate $100 from every closed deal, no matter the deal. Every penny of the money given will directly fund a new home. A space for your company will turn into a space for a family.

Giving back to others means a lot to all of us at Transcend, and we hope you’ll join us in this mission.

Learn more about Transcend’s partnership with New Story Campaign here.

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