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December 6, 2019

Search Discovery President Mike Gustafson: Use Data to Drive Discovery (Part 2)

Search Discovery President Mike Gustafson: Use Data to Drive Discovery (Part 2)

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Patrick: So I mean we’re talking about core values and company culture. We also want to give a shout-out to 7Geese cause I know that you love it. What else does it do for you guys?


Mike: Yeah, we use it for a lot of things. So like I mentioned at the very beginning, we actually first found it for OKRs.


Patrick: Ok.


Mike: And so we use it for OKRs which lets us create broad visibility to every single person in the company. What are the company objectives for the year?


Patrick: Yeah.


Mike: For the quarter. Gets down to the departments and it really helps reinforce both alignment and visibility to our achievement of those.


Patrick: Gotcha.


Mike: So people don’t have to wait. We encourage people to update them every single week. Our executive team tries to update. Some of them we can’t update every week.


Patrick: Right, right.


Mike: But everybody in the company can see everybody’s objectives and how they’re progressing. And really creating that sense of transparency is one of the things that I love about that particular tool. Then we use it for recognition.


Patrick: Yeah.


Mike: Around our core values. And then we use it for feedback. So in addition to giving public praise, you can give feedback to anybody at any time.


Patrick: Yep.


Mike: Through the tool. So project feedback or you saw someone present, you can them give feedback. So they can just kind of collect that. But then we have it- we use it for the review process which is great. We do quarterly reviews so it’s not this big annual process. And our reviews are very focused on how can we help you be more successful?


Patrick: Gotcha.


Mike: Are you making the progress towards your career goals and aspirations that you want?

Patrick: Yep.


Mike: Are there opportunities to improve? And then there’s also like a- individuals can start 360 feedback. So if you wanted to get feedback from a team or from a project, you can initiate that and ask for it.


Patrick: Oh, and ask for feedback? That’s cool.


Mike: And then all of that coalesces when you do those reviews. And then the last piece is it has a tool for one-on-one to really encourage, both through our career counseling program that we have which are called flight advisers which everybody has. And then even department leads or whoever, whenever they have one on ones we encourage them to use the tool to keep track of, here’s the stuff we’re talking about.


Patrick: Yep.


Mike: And so there’s a great tool that guides all those important types of conversations. It has a template inside of it that we- you know, they have some really great ones. We’ve been able to modify them and say here’s they types on conversations. Are you happy with where you’re at today? Do you feel engaged? Do you feel recognized? So it guides a lot of those really important employee one-on-one conversations.


Patrick: That’s awesome.


Mike: So it’s all in one place and you can see it. It gives us really great visibility to a lot of things.


Patrick: Well Mike, appreciate it.


Mike: Absolutely.


Patrick: Thank you for sharing this.


Mike: Yeah, thanks for your interest.


Patrick: I actually- I mean, I always learn something when I talk to Mike but I really did learn something there. And in my mind, I’m sitting here going alright, I need to update the slack channel.


Mike: Yep.


Patrick: For feedback. Look into this. But how do you live out those core values, help each other and give each other feedback. I mean, I think that’s amazing that you guys do that. So I hope you guys enjoyed it.


Mike: Thanks.


Patrick: Yep.



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