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May 27, 2020

Safe Space: 7 Things We’re Doing Right Now to Make Our Office a Safe Workspace

Safe Space: 7 Things We’re Doing Right Now to Make Our Office a Safe Workspace

We’ve been working hard these last few weeks to create and communicate safety to our team coming back into our office space. Every office has to determine what that looks like for themselves. But we’re sharing what we’re doing as an office in an open concept suite that was originally designed for collaboration.

We’re detailing seven changes that we’ve made to our office, BUT we’re also in the business of elevating the workspace (whatever the need looks like). That’s why we’re offering an office space audit to help you optimize your office space for safety and efficiency.

Reach out to us to learn more.

Entry way signage. Sanitizing station directly inside the door.
  1. We created a barrier to entry. We moved a table in our collaboration area to the front door to create a stopping point for employees entering the space to use hand sanitizer as they come in making our cleaning supplies available and visible as a reminder to wipe down individual areas at the end of the day.
  2. In existing meeting areas, we spaced out chairs and made them caddy-corner to each other for the sake of social distancing.
  3. We’ve moved our leadership team into our two conference rooms. We’ve decided we will not be holding meetings in the conference rooms, for the time being, and it was a good way to space everyone out more in our open office area.
  4. We purchased a new four-seater workstation to replace a collaboration area and placed team members caddy-corner from each other for distance. And, we’re using existing desks to social-distance our brokerage team and spacing team members out caddy-corner from each other at an existing ten-seater workstation.
10-person work station and open space for our new four-person station.

5. We purchased four air purifier systems to place through our space for better air quality.

6. We’ve accessed a UVC-light robot to disinfect our office with a high-intensity light. The robot can disinfect the entire office space in about 10 minutes and reduces the variability of manual cleaning by each employee or a cleaning crew.

7. We strongly recommend all employees get COVID antibody tests done before they come back, as they are now readily available. There are no out-of-pocket costs with insurance, regardless, we are planning to reimburse employees for any COVID-testing-related costs.

UVC robot disinfecting our office.

All in all, we’ve encouraged our clients to work with what they have instead of drastically remodeling or spending cash to recreate the workspace. We’ve managed to only spend money on one new workstation and create space with our existing desk space.

We can make it work and provide a strong sense of safety to our teams. It’s a matter of finding the key areas of risk and eliminating them from your workspace. Like we mentioned earlier, we’re helping our clients around Atlanta audit and rework their space to make it safer and more collaborative as some companies plan to balance a remote and in-office environment.

Contact us to learn more about our COVID workplace audit. We’re helping our clients and Atlanta neighbors adapt their space for safety and efficiency as we move forward.

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