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February 21, 2018

Intown Creative Arts Get Boost With $6 Million Pullman Yard Incentive

Intown Creative Arts Get Boost With $6 Million Pullman Yard Incentive

(Rendering by Atomic Entertainment)

Call it a love note to intown creative arts.

The day after Valentine’s Day, the board of Invest Atlanta approved a $6 million tax incentive to redevelop the 27-acre historic Pratt-Pullman Yard site.

We can’t wait to see how Atomic Entertainment converts the century-old site into a $200 million creative arts campus with a film and television soundstage, outdoor concert venue, office space, restaurants, a boutique hotel plus residential with lots of greenspace. Atomic Entertainment bought the site in Kirkwood from the state of Georgia last year for $8 million, and hopes to open the first phase in 2020.

Fun fact: The Pratt-Pullman facility dates to the early 1900s when it was built for Pratt Engineering, which made equipment for sugar and fertilizer operations. Later it was used to make munitions during World War I.

The Pullman railroad passenger car company bought the complex in the 1920s to perform maintenance and refurbish train cars, but abandoned it in the 1970s. The state of Georgia tried to run a leisure dinner train service between downtown and Stone Mountain, but that venture folded after just a couple of years.

You might recognize Pullman Yard in movies such as The Hunger Games, The Fast and the Furious and Baby Driver. The complex was also a mecca for architecture aficionados and local graffiti artists who were drawn to its historical pedigree and gritty decay.

We look forward to seeing how this landmark transformation will inject activity and vibrancy to this long-neglected piece of history.

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