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May 7, 2018

How a Mobile Workplace Ecosystem Future-Proofs Space

How a Mobile Workplace Ecosystem Future-Proofs Space

The way we work is radically changing.

Wifi, cloud computing, mobile apps and other innovations are making us more productive and more connected than ever before — whether we are sitting at a desk in an office, working from a coffee shop or meeting with a client 3,000 miles away.

Here’s how to create a mobile workplace ecosystem that can support all work styles and future-proof your space:

Give Them What They Want

Employees do their best work when they are energized and excited about coming to work. Engage them and ask them what they want. The answers may surprise you. Some may want a more modern, sleek looking space. Others may prefer a home-like environment with sofas and lounge chairs. Asking their input will create pride and a sense of ownership in the final design.

Ad agency MullenLowe’s office in Winston-Salem, courtesy of OfficeLovin.

Create Task-Specific Spaces

Open offices are great for collaboration and teamwork. But there are times when quiet solo space is best for heads-down work, or people need to make calls from small soundproof phone booth, or want a casual nook for small group chats. Create a variety of task-specific areas that best support each activity.

Spend on Technology

Even the most thoughtfully designed workplaces won’t function well without robust investment in technology. Wifi throughout the entire space and mobile phone signal boosters are a must. Advanced cloud computing with secure file storage and file sharing is critical. Workflow and messaging apps like Slack, Hive and Google Hangouts can keep teams on the same page.

Think of your workplace ecosystem sustainable a “living and breathing” thing that is constantly changing. Have a process for periodically reviewing new technology and products, and test those that show promise.

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