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October 18, 2018

Have You Outgrown Your Space?

Have You Outgrown Your Space?

There are never enough small meeting spaces, or large ones for that matter. It’s hard to find an empty phone room to discuss a sensitive client matter or take a personal call. There’s nowhere to train new employees or hold customer meetings.

Additional desks have been jammed in and the layout doesn’t seem very open and spacious anymore, and the design that seemed perfect several years ago has gotten a bit dated.

New tenants in the building make the parking deck feel like a can of sardines, and some employees can’t even get parking passes.

Maybe you’ve outgrown your space.

Maybe it’s simply a good time for your company to consider a location with better brand visibility, or an opportunity to get naming rights on a building.

Fast-growing companies often find themselves at a crossroads a few years before their lease expires. Space constraints and inefficient use of space begin to hurt productivity, collaboration, recruiting and retention.

Some companies get lulled into thinking they can reconfigure their current space, but that can be disruptive, distracting, expensive and time-consuming. Worse, it rarely solves the underlying issue unless the company can move into temporary “swing space” or owns the building and is making a long-term investment. Why put your business through those hassles?

There’s a better way.

Transcend’s data-driven approach gives us better tools and powerful insights to more accurately project headcount growth and changes in business operations that will impact real estate to minimize the risk of taking too much or too little space.

Our culture surveys and interviews with employees help us uncover workstyle preferences and features that employees want so they are empowered to do their best work.

Let’s talk about how Transcend can elevate your workplace.

Does your space reflect & inspire your company’s culture?

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