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May 31, 2019

For Around $50, This Workplace Hack Makes Meetings More Productive

For Around $50, This Workplace Hack Makes Meetings More Productive

What if spending $50 could make every single meeting more productive?

Meetings often hit a brick wall when someone has a great idea, but there’s nowhere to map it out or write it down. The dry erase markers are dry and crusty, or vanished long ago. There’s no paper or pens, or Post-It notes to encourage idea sharing.

Other times, someone’s phone or laptop dies because it’s out of power, and they become distracted or have to leave the meeting to hunt down a spare.

What if there was a $50 workplace hack that could make meetings more productive?

For a small investment, companies can stock meeting rooms and breakout spaces with laptop chargers, phone chargers, Post-In notes, pens, note pads and dry erase markers so all the essential supplies are within reach at all times.

Having fully stocked rooms can make meetings incredibly productive because it encourages people to do impromptu brainstorming sessions, share and capture thoughts while they are fresh, and commit to tasks that will propel projects forward.

Failure to adequately prepare for meetings is one of the biggest reasons they become unproductive and cause employees to resent them, University of North Carolina Professor Steven G. Rogelberg wrote recently in an article in Harvard Business Review titled “Why Your Meetings Stink — And What to Do About It.”

Buy a few chargers and some basic office supplies, and voila — instant productivity boost.

Ideas would be shared. Notes would be taken. Tasks would be assigned. Projects would take big leaps forward.

We think that’s a pretty sweet return on investment.

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