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August 14, 2019

Encourage Your Team To Have Productive Disagreements

Encourage Your Team To Have Productive Disagreements

Nobody likes a yes man. It’s not good for business either.

Encouraging everyone on your team to express their thoughts and opinions, even when they wildly diverge from the opinions of others, leads to better self-reflection and critical thinking about the issues at hand.

Having cognitive diversity makes teams stronger and improves the collective work output, while also avoiding pitfalls and mistakes that might otherwise have gone unmentioned.

It also boosts engagement.

Employees who feel valued and appreciated have greater loyalty, commitment and passion at work. They’re also less likely to leave should an enticing new job offer somewhere else come their way.

Fostering a culture for productive disagreement doesn’t mean allowing a culture of arguing. Quite the opposite.

Discussions should be mutually respectful, thoughtful, constructive and based in fact, while emotions and interpersonal conflicts are left at the door.

There is no “right” answer and there is no “winner.” It’s a hearty, productive discussion and everyone should have well-thought-out justifications or proof points to back their position. 

Having the right kind of work environment can encourage employees to participate in productive disagreements.

Collaborative work areas and small breakout spaces coax employees into speaking more freely and having impromptu conversations that can spark diverse thoughts and opinions, while small private or semi-private work areas give employees the space they need to process and evaluate the thoughts of others.

Creating the right mix of space is crucial to a company’s growth, productivity and culture. Let’s design a workplace that helps your business thrive. Reach out to us here.

Does your space reflect & inspire your company’s culture?

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