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January 16, 2019

Do You Know Your Company’s Purpose?

Do You Know Your Company’s Purpose?

The start of a new year is a terrific time to revisit your company’s core values, mission and vision.

And don’t forget to think about your purpose.

It’s distinctly different than your values, mission and vision, which all address what the organization does and how people should conduct themselves.

Purpose is what gives a company focus. It reminds executives and employees what they’re trying to do for their most important customers.

To create a compelling purpose statement, think of your organization’s impact on the lives of your customers.

Why and for whom are you building your business? What pain points are you solving? How is your solution better than anyone else’s? Could you make your offerings even better?

Challenging your organization to think through these questions once a year can help managers set clear goals and chart a path to reach them. It can also help build a compelling business case for investments in new products, new talent or new office space to better support your company’s changing needs.

At Transcend, we founded our company with this purpose in mind: To help companies transcend into space that reflects culture and inspires growth.

For us, it rings true today just as much as it did several years ago when we set out to disrupt the real estate industry.

Let’s talk about how we can help your company realize its purpose. You can reach us here.

Does your space reflect & inspire your company’s culture?

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