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April 21, 2021


Leading up to the pandemic, two-thirds of the employees were engaged at work in the US which was the highest number it has been in a long time. Now, we’re getting past the pandemic and we’re starting to talk about getting into the office, and I’m seeing a statistic out there that says at least one-third of employees don’t want to go back in the office and if asked, they’ll simply quit versus coming back in the office.

I’m not a math whiz, but one-third of the employees were disengaged leading up to the pandemic and now one-third of the employees are saying that if asked to come back to the office, they’ll just simply quit.

Are they the same one-third? That is just a question we need to ask and in fact, it’s something that Transcend thinks about a lot and has come up with different surveys and different procedures to kind of figure that out. So if you’re thinking about coming back in the office, and you’re worried about the one-third that is what not wanting to come back, it’s a great way to figure out – are they the engaged ones or the disengaged ones that you might not want back anyway?

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