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June 14, 2017

Design of the Month – June

Design of the Month – June

Each month we’ll be sharing a new workplace design that we love. Use it as an inspiration for your own office as you gather ideas from cool office spaces around the world.

June’s Design of the Month – Sokon / SF Motors Offices in Santa Clara

The quick facts:

  • Developed by AAI, a NELSON brand
  • Built in 2016
  • 80,000 sqft
  • Manufacturing Industry

If you’re a fan of open, collaborative spaces and natural lighting, then you’ll love this design. Sokon is one of China’s largest auto manufacturers, and recently completed the three-story, 80,000 square foot US headquarters.

Innovation and state-of-the-art technology are found throughout the headquarters, giving employees the inspiration they need. The plan of this office space was to utilize natural lighting throughout the entire building. That’s why you’ll find floor-to-ceiling windows, glass walls, and open ceilings throughout. The benching workstations scattered along the window line are a plus, too!

Being a hub of automotive research and technology, Sokon wanted crisp white spaces with bold accents of colors and natural oak throughout to represent the brand well. There’s even an automobile showroom on the first level to show off the brand’s latest innovations.

You can see the company’s focus on collaboration and innovation throughout with the standing areas, common areas, and large, open floorplans.

Features that stand out:

  • Crisp, white spaces
  • Bold colors and natural wood
  • Automobile showroom
  • Open collaborative spaces
  • Leather furniture
  • Sit-stand work areas
  • Natural light

Image courtesy of Office Snapshots

View more photos of Sokons office from Office Snapshots here.

Have an office you’d like to see featured as our Design of the Month? Let us know!

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