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September 13, 2017

Design of the Month – British American Tobacco Offices

Design of the Month – British American Tobacco Offices

Each month we’ll be sharing a new workplace design that we love. Use it as an inspiration for your own office as you gather ideas from cool office spaces around the world.

September’s design of the month – British American Tobacco Offices in Istanbul, Turkey

The quick facts:

  • Developed by Bakirküre Architects
  • Built in 2017
  • 48,438 sqft
  • Food/Beverage Industry

Home of the headquarters of British American Tobacco, this airy, open space with a variety of meeting spaces and seating areas encourages social interaction and collaboration amongst personnel in the office. Social areas and work areas are blended together nicely to reflect the symbiotic relationship between all departments.

This space is split into two floors that are connected by a modern, glass-sided staircase. Accompanied by plenty of natural elements, the office has a calm, inviting feel. Using color where appropriate, the design does an exceptional job of giving the space some excitement without being too overwhelming. Unique light fixtures and plenty of seating also provide employees with a space where they can comfortably interact and motivate one another.

Features that stand out:

  • Natural wood floors
  • Greenery lining the walls and staircase
  • Subtle pops of color
  • Plenty of comfortable seating
  • Undivided social and work areas
  • Industrial light fixtures
  • Variety of plants

The eclectic design and decor of this space really reflect the creative outlook and collaborative efforts this business holds.

Image courtesy of Office Snapshots

View more photos of British American Tobacco’s office from Office Snapshots here.

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