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April 21, 2021

Can I Hire the Right People?

Can I hire the right people? This is an interesting question because a lot of companies right now are saying, oh well I’m gonna offer people flex days. I’m going to let people work remote, and that’s going to entice the right people to come work for my companies. However, after talking to a couple of very high-profile hirers here in Atlanta, and we’re talking Chief Revenue Officers. They have shied away from companies because they are going fully remote. They do not want to work fully remote. They want to be around their sales team. They want to help drive culture, and they believe they just cannot do that working remotely. So again, I come back to the question. Can I hire the right people? You have to think through what that looks like when you’re contemplating going fully remote, or coming in the office two to three days a week, or coming in the office five days a week. It comes down to what type of person did you want. And what does that actually look like? Because not one size does fit all.

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