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March 28, 2019

Better Data = Smarter Decisions + Economic Value

Better Data = Smarter Decisions + Economic Value

When it comes to data, the math is pretty simple.

Capture better first-hand data that you gather and verify yourself, and over time you will have incredible exclusive statistics that will help you make better decisions and get better deals for clients.

When we first started Transcend, we started tracking all sorts of data on asking rents, lease proposals, how those proposal terms evolved during negotiations and the final outcome once a lease was signed.

With decades of knowledge and experience augmented by all this rich data we’ve been gathering and analyzing, we have rich insight into how much improvement we can expect on rents from certain landlords. We know the elasticity of things like tenant improvement allowances, free rent and other concessions. We know what a “good deal” looks like versus what’s just mediocre.

We also capture loads of data on the workplace.

We know often people are at their desks, elsewhere in the building, or offsite. How and where they do their best work. How hard it is to find an available phone booth or conference room. How long they commute each day. How they feel about the culture.

This data-driven approach empowers us to tailor everything we do to each client’s exact needs. It helps us find an ideal location that’s close to where employees live, negotiate terms that align with the needs and operations of the business, and design space that will support the unique work styles of each employee group.

We can even track improvements over time to show how the new workplace improved performance and productivity.

But we wouldn’t be able to do any of that without credible first-hand data that we gathered and analyzed ourselves.

To find out what data can reveal about your workplace and culture, reach out to us here.

Does your space reflect & inspire your company’s culture?

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