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December 29, 2015

A 2016 Message from Transcend

A 2016 Message from Transcend

On May 18, 2015, Transcend launched with a simple belief that a company’s office space should reflect their culture and inspire growth. Our goal was to help locally owned businesses define, find and transition into office space that truly reflects their own unique culture. I am extremely proud to say that our new approach to commercial real estate brokerage has taken off, and proven to be a sorely missed perspective in the market. We’ve received positive comments such as, “well-designed approach,” “amazing team” and “absolutely the key to a great experience”.

The Transcend team is ready for a great 2016 as we continue to offer locally owned businesses a new experience for finding office space. But, before we say goodbye to 2015, we’d like to thank everyone for all of their help and support!

-Patrick (Founder & CEO)

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