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May 27, 2021

75% of Employees Leave a Company Because of Their Boss

Did you know that the number one reason a person leaves a company is because of their boss? Yeah, their boss. 75% of the time, a person will leave their job voluntarily because of their boss. Now, I bring this up because I feel like there is a tremendous amount of fear out there right now about how do we bring people back into the office? Should we bring them back? Do we stay remote? What do we do? And when I hear that, I just want to bring this back up one more time. 75% of people historically, have left a job voluntarily because of their boss, not because of their workplace strategy, not because of the office space, not because of mission, but because of their boss. So, let’s again come back to making decisions that are right for the business, right for our people and not be fearful of what they may or may not do. When historically speaking, and this is a big number, 75% of people have left because of their boss and only because of their boss

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