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November 21, 2019

5 Things That Get Overlooked in Real Estate

5 Things That Get Overlooked in Real Estate

There are so many things that can get overlooked and fall through the cracks in real estate, and those seemingly small things can balloon into big headaches later.

What often ends up happening is that the tenant is left to their own devices in designing the new space, finding a contractor to build it out, installing low voltage cabling and other IT systems, and planning the relocation. It can get overwhelming quickly, and lead to frustration and stress.

These are 5 things that often get overlooked in real estate:

  1. Blind Spots. Many brokers are overly reliant on data services that list available spaces. They don’t do enough shoe leather work to uncover unlisted spaces, shadow space, subleases and other options that might not be listed.
  2. Total Economic Value. It’s more than just rental rates and escalations. Other factors like the building’s performance over time and operating expenses can drastically inflate the total cost of occupancy, and most brokers don’t bother to track and analyze it.
  3. Handoff Seepage. When a broker is involved at the beginning, but then punches out during design, construction and relocation, a lot of knowledge and insight about the needs of the business and employee preferences get lost.
  4. Creativity. Each employee has a work style that is as unique as his or her fingerprint, and too many workplaces don’t reflect that. Desk sharing, alternating days of onsite and remote work, collaborative spaces, semi-private nooks and other creative features are critical for supporting each employee to do their best work and feel the most productive.
  5. Poor Planning. Why doesn’t this conference room have USB chargers in the outlets, and why is the wifi lousy behind that giant support column? Because someone neglected to consider these things months beforehand, and now the tenant has to scramble to fix it.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

We started Transcend with a vision for making real estate seamless.

We have a boots-on-the-ground mentality. We are out in the market every single day gathering information, data and insights on demand velocity and shifting market dynamics, which also gives us encyclopedic knowledge of off-market spaces and other options that can be compelling.

While lease terms are still being negotiated, we partner with trusted architects and general contractors to create an accurate budget that drives more productive discussions about how much tenant improvement allowance is needed to design the perfect workplace.

We work with clients to value engineer their project by proactively trimming costs without compromising quality or important features. And then we stay involved during the entire process by offering comprehensive project management services to make sure the project is completed on time and on budget, and that the space reflects all of the terrific workplace strategies we developed on the front end.

To eliminate technology headaches, we started a sister company, Transcend IT, that designs and installs low voltage cabling, security access, wifi, teleconferencing technology, electronic conference room booking systems and other must-haves that keep employees productive.

When we talk about helping companies create workplaces their employees love, we mean it. And we want to make it as easy and enjoyable as possible. Let’s elevate your workplace. You can reach us here.

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