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January 31, 2018

The One Thing Open Office Environments are Missing

The One Thing Open Office Environments are Missing

Open office spaces continue to rise in popularity. In fact, 70% of all U.S. offices have converted to open floor plans, and that number continues to grow (source: TalkBox). With everyone moving to this open space and feeling like it’s the way to go, they’re also looking to make their spaces efficient. However, there’s one thing that gets left off time and time again — having enough areas for people to make private phone calls.

You can never have enough phone booth rooms in your office.

Many companies are starting to realize there are no private areas within an open office space (seems obvious to us, but something that’s been overlooked during this trend). Phone booths not only give space to make phone calls quietly but can also give you that private area to allow employees to use however they wish. Not everyone thrives in an open space environment; some people need peace and quiet to focus and be productive, and an office space should provide that.

Phone booths provide sound insulation and acoustics. It’s an easy space to pop into to take a phone call that requires privacy, or to work on something that requires concentration. If you work in an open office, a phone booth can do away with your noise concerns for good. Today’s workplace strategies need to combine the benefits of collaborative and open spaces along with employees’ needs to work in a quiet environment.

Plan to have to have at least 3 phone booth rooms, no matter how big you are as a company.

Whatever you do, plan to have to have at least three phone booth rooms, no matter how big you are as a company. While open office spaces encourage collaboration and creativity, it’s important to remember that there are times and tasks that your team will require privacy. A phone booth will give your team space and peace of mind. Say goodbye to interrupted phone calls and make sure your office is stacked with phone booths.

If you don’t already have 3 phone booth rooms, we would love to take a visit to your space and find a solution that would work best for your team. Reach out to us here.

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