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Your office move doesn’t have to be stressful.

We provide project management that represents you first and foremost.

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Things change quickly during the design & construction process.


We work with you to define your business requirements by assembling the right team and aligning your design and specifications to those requirements.


We create and manage your project's schedule leading up to your desired occupancy date.


We manage the project budget in accordance with the agreed-upon scope and schedule.

We represent our clients’ interests first and foremost.


  • Company Survey
  • Current State Assessment
  • Determine Space Needs
  • Create Program
  • Determine RE Goals


  • Assemble Team
  • Vision and Brief Sheet
  • Create Budget & Timeline
  • Analyze Options
  • Recommend Solution


  • Canvas Market
  • Initial Search
  • Review & Rank Options
  • Tour
  • Short List
  • Create Scope for TI


  • Position company to create leverage
  • Request for Proposal
  • Evaluate Landlord
  • Proposals Determine top choice(s)
  • Negotiate business terms


  • Engage project team/select vendors
  • Issue RFP’s for services
  • Finalize Budget
  • Finalize Schedule


  • Review
  • Performance
  • Take Professional Photos & Video
  • Space Review

Brian Flanagan, CEO at ProArch

"Made our office move seamless."

Does your space reflect & inspire your company’s culture?

Unhappy workers are 10% less productive than the average employee. It’s clear that good company culture is necessary to succeed.

Read our tips on creating a positive and productive culture for your workplace in our recent white paper.

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