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August 30, 2017

Empowering Your Employees: What Leaders Need to Know

Empowering Your Employees: What Leaders Need to Know

As a leader, give your employees a place to work that they enjoy coming to every day and a culture they’re proud to be a part of. Your employees’ productivity is a direct result of how valued they feel at work. Knowing and understanding how to engage your employees is something leaders should be constantly working at.

Check out these leadership tips that you can follow to empower your employees:

    1. Recognize achievements. Stop focusing on the things your employees are doing wrong and recognize them for the things they’re doing right. Positive reinforcement can go a long way! Read our last blog post on recognizing your employees here.
    2. Empower potential. Employees will have a hard time discovering their full potential at work unless you encourage them to explore new things and be the best they can be. Avoid micromanaging and take a moment to step back, let go, and observe. Really listen to your employees and take note of their skills and things they love. What motivates them?
    3. Share your success as encouragement. Use your position as a tool for inspiration. Share your leadership experience and your vulnerabilities with employees to inspire them. Show them the mistakes you made along your journey and how you’re the same as them in many ways.
    4. Don’t create tension. Leaders can unknowingly create tension with employees when they hold certain expectations of how employees should act. Don’t force your employees to be someone they’re not, but encourage them to be themselves.

Guide your employees in a personalized way by getting on their level and encouraging them at all times. Make your company’s culture a top priority by consciously engaging employees in all situations.

What do you do to actively engage your employees? We’d love to hear from you!

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