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Intown Creative Arts Get Boost With $6 Million Pullman Yard Incentive

Rendering by Atomic Entertainment

Call it a love note to intown creative arts.

The day after Valentine’s Day, the board of Invest Atlanta approved a $6 million tax incentive to redevelop the 27-acre historic Pratt-Pullman Yard site.

We can’t wait to see how Atomic Entertainment converts the century-old site into a $200 million creative arts campus with a film and television soundstage, outdoor concert venue, office space, restaurants, a boutique hotel plus residential with lots of greenspace. Atomic Entertainment bought the site in Kirkwood from the state of Georgia last year for $8 million, and hopes to open the first phase in 2020.

Fun fact: The Pratt-Pullman facility dates to the early 1900s when it was built for Pratt Engineering, which made equipment for sugar and fertilizer operations. Later it was used to make munitions during World War I.

The Pullman railroad passenger car company bought the complex in the 1920s to perform maintenance and refurbish train cars, but abandoned it in the 1970s. The state of Georgia tried to run a leisure dinner train service between downtown and Stone Mountain, but that venture folded after just a couple of years.

You might recognize Pullman Yard in movies such as The Hunger Games, The Fast and the Furious and Baby Driver. The complex was also a mecca for architecture aficionados and local graffiti artists who were drawn to its historical pedigree and gritty decay.

We look forward to seeing how this landmark transformation will inject activity and vibrancy to this long-neglected piece of history.

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A Letter From Our Founder

GrowthIt’s something we all want for our business, but are we prepared for it?

We often run into companies that thought they planned for growth and designed their space accordingly, but as they actually grew, they had to completely demo their office space and start over. What are they doing wrong? They are thinking of spaces individually and addressing immediate needs – not planning a space for multiple functions and long term growth goals.

Here’s what preparing for growth looks like:

  • The 1:1 model of 1 desk for every 1 employee is being replaced with a more fluid growth ratio, meaning you can grow without having to take on more space if you plan intelligently and creatively.
  • Consider all the different ways you can configure open space in the design phase. Make plans for that space to be arranged two or three different ways allowing for future growth.
  • Create all private offices the same size. Short term, you can use them as common conference rooms; long term, you can quickly and easily switch them to private offices as the company grows.

These are just a couple options – there are so many more!

In 2017, we saw that most companies don’t have a growth mindset when it comes to office space. They just think they have to take on more space as they grow and that’s not necessarily the case.

I would love to hear what you’ve done as your company has grown. Feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn here or email me here.


The One Thing Open Office Environments are Missing

Open office spaces continue to rise in popularity. In fact, 70% of all U.S. offices have converted to open floor plans, and that number continues to grow (source: TalkBox). With everyone moving to this open space and feeling like it’s the way to go, they’re also looking to make their spaces efficient. However, there’s one thing that gets left off time and time again — having enough areas for people to make private phone calls.

You can never have enough phone booth rooms in your office.

Many companies are starting to realize there are no private areas within an open office space (seems obvious to us, but something that’s been overlooked during this trend). Phone booths not only give space to make phone calls quietly but can also give you that private area to allow employees to use however they wish. Not everyone thrives in an open space environment; some people need peace and quiet to focus and be productive, and an office space should provide that.

Phone booths provide sound insulation and acoustics. It’s an easy space to pop into to take a phone call that requires privacy, or to work on something that requires concentration. If you work in an open office, a phone booth can do away with your noise concerns for good. Today’s workplace strategies need to combine the benefits of collaborative and open spaces along with employees’ needs to work in a quiet environment.

Plan to have to have at least 3 phone booth rooms, no matter how big you are as a company.

Whatever you do, plan to have to have at least three phone booth rooms, no matter how big you are as a company. While open office spaces encourage collaboration and creativity, it’s important to remember that there are times and tasks that your team will require privacy. A phone booth will give your team space and peace of mind. Say goodbye to interrupted phone calls and make sure your office is stacked with phone booths.

If you don’t already have 3 phone booth rooms, we would love to take a visit to your space and find a solution that would work best for your team. Reach out to us here.

Design of the Month – Silicon Valley Bank

Each month we’ll be sharing a new workplace design that we love. Use it as an inspiration for your own office as you gather ideas from cool office spaces around the world.

January’s design of the month – Silicon Valley Bank Offices in Portland, Oregon

The quick facts:

  • Developed by Fennie+Mehl Architects
  • Built in 2016
  • 4,500 sqft
  • Financial/Investments Industry

This space does not look or feel like you are in a bank at all, and that was the goal. It spans over the things they value most: excitement, trust, and collaboration. They truly brought this historical building to life, while revealing the brick and wood structures that had previously been painted over. Who would want to hide that?

Another cool thing about this space is the separation of the two floors. They strategically created an upstairs that is much more private and secure while the downstairs shows off that vibrant and open personality of the brand. We also love that they’ve chosen to display a painting from a local artist in their colors right outside of the office. It sets the tone right off the bat.

The subtle branding pieces throughout the office are just enough and eye-catching — especially the neon signs. Their reception area is extremely welcoming, the wall-mount displays throughout the space grab attention, and their game room is just awesome. They have a way of making the office open, yet private, with areas for every type of task and need. It’s not what you would expect, but once you’re in the space, you can see the culture clearly. This is truly a space that embodies company culture.

Features that stand out:

  • Game room
  • Large wall graphics
  • Exposed brick
  • Banquette seating
  • Stone tile
  • Glass walls

Image Courtesy of Office Snapshots

View more photos of Silicon Valley Bank’s office from Office Snapshots here

Have an office you’d like to see featured as Design of the Month? Let us know!

Transcend Around Atlanta

Our team is always looking to get out in the city of Atlanta and we’ve lined up quite a few events for the year. We would love to hear from you if you’ll be at one of the events below, and as always, find us and say hello!

Atlanta Tech Summit

High Tech Prayer Breakfast – We will be hosting a table and serving as a leadership team

Grace at Work – Also part of  High Tech Ministries, we attend this every Thursday at Atlanta Tech Village

Terry Alumni Association – Terry Third Thursdays

Lean In

Meetup Events in Tech

Atlanta Tech Village Events


TAG Events

Okay, and maybe a few Atlanta Braves games at Suntrust park, too. (Go Braves!)

Have an event that you think we need to be part of? Reach out to us and let us know!

Spotlight on E. Jones & Associates

Jones & Associates, LLC is a family law and insurance law firm here in Atlanta, and we had the pleasure of finding them a new home on the top floor of the famous Centennial Tower downtown.

This location was perfect for E. Jones & Associates, and their new space has the most incredible city views, including a peek of the brand new Mercedes Benz Stadium. Architecture throughout the space is different and unique, and the glass wall conference room keeps the office open, yet private. It was exactly what E. Jones & Associates needed.

Check out their new space in the video below:

If you want your business at the top like E. Jones & Associates, reach out to us here. We’d love to help elevate your workplace today.

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Design of the Month – Saatchi & Saatchi

Each month we’ll be sharing a new workplace design that we love. Use it as an inspiration for your own office as you gather ideas from cool office spaces around the world.

December’s Design of the Month – Saatchi & Saatchi offices in London, England

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